Ok, this is not my first blog, physically to appear on here it is but in my mind it’s like number 20 this month. I am constantly thinking on new things to write about, and I do really love writing, I just never come around to sitting down to write. I have kept this blog blank and private for more than a year, so today, as I am waiting to meet a new client, to which I am strangely very very early I decided it was time to write.

First I want to introduce myself, chances are if you are taking the time to read this you already know me. Well either way, here it is. I am from San Jose, Costa Rica, born and half raised there, half raised in Puerto Rico. One word I to describe myself: weird. Weird? Well yes, this seems to be the one word most people can use to describe me. I am the person who never really fits in, but its everybody’s friend, who eats things the way most people won’t, like spaghetti egg tortilla, and dislike things that most people love, like cheese. I am the person who dreamed about dressing up like those magazine girls, but some how ended up looking like some version of Punky Brewster.

I have always been creative, always enjoyed painting and drawing, but had never really been into photography. I did, when I was about 8, saved enough pennies and dimes (literally) to buy my very first camera: a green chubby polaroid, which I used to carry around everyone, take one picture, hand it over and then pose for about five. It was probably not such a bad thing that I started my passion for photography late in life, which allowed my to explore other things.

I must also tell you, I am very stubborn, or as I like to call it: persistent. If I want something, I will try anything between my reach to get it, some things even twice. I do honor the common say “its better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission”, which has gotten me in really good situations, but also in some I don’t really want to recall. I am married (with my second shooter, marriage came first so stop being alarmed), I have two four-legged babies, Berry Doo and Scooby Doo, and love God about anything else in life.

So now that I told you a little bit (or maybe too much) about myself, I will tell you how this will work. I am going to start blogging about all the events and weddings that I worked on/ am currently working and/or plan to work on. So come back as much as you like, and leave me as many comments, suggestions, or writing corrections as you like. 😉